Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Steps to add VS solution to Visual Studio Team Services

Steps to add an existing Visual Studio solution to a repository on Visual Studio Team Services (or Team Foundation Server).

  1. Install Git on your PC first.
  2. Create a project with Git as version control on your Visual Studio Team Services website.
  3. Get the URL of the new project after it is created,
  4. Assuming your Visual Studio solution folder is C:\Dev\VS2017_Eval\WebApp1...
  5. Open command line console. Go to "C:\Dev\VS2017_Eval\WebApp1".
  6. Run command: git init
  7. Run command:
    git remote add origin
  8. add ".gitignore" file to the folder. You can download it from github at
  9. Run command: git add .gitignore
  10. Run command: git commit -m ".gitignore file added"
  11. Run command: git add *
  12. Run command: git commit -m "Initial source codes"
  13. Run command: git push -u origin --all

Step 13 can be done in Visual Studio by using Sync and Push in outgoing commit in Visual Studio, too.

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