Saturday, December 16, 2017

Broken Korean Text Fix

Due to a unique character encoding widely used for Korean text in Korea, you may run into broken, unrecognizable text when opening a file (txt, smi, hwp, doc, etc) created on the Korean Windows platform.

Use Notepad++ to fix such broken Korean text. Notepad++ is an open-source software freely available to download ( It is available for Windows only.

  1. Download and install Notepad++ on Windows.
  2. Open the original text in another text editor like the "Notepad".
  3. Copy all broken Korean text.
  4. On Notepad++, start a new blank file. 
    1. Go to Menu --> Encoding --> Character Sets --> Western Europe --> Windows 1252.
    2. Paste the copied broken Korean text on Notepad++'s new file.
    3. Go to Menu --> Encoding --> Encode in UTF-8
    4. When prompted to save the file, go ahead and save it.
    5. As the file is saved, the broken Korean text are fixed.

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