Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WEBCONFIG.ACCSRV.XML does not have element "configuration/configSections/sectionGroup[@name='SharePoint']" or it is invalid

I recently updated SharePoint 2013 environment using the December 2015 CU packages and ran into an error. There are two (2) SharePoint 2013 servers in the environment. One Web-Front-End SharePoint Server and one Service Application SharePoint Server. On the Service Application Server, the following error message appeared during step 8 of SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard, which I ran after installing all December 2015 CU successfully.

Configuration Failed
Failed to install the application content files.
An exception of type System.IO.InvalidDataException was thrown. Additional exception information: The web configuration file, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\config\WEBCONFIG.ACCSRV.XML, does not have element "configuration/configSections/sectionGroup[@name='SharePoint']" or it is invalid.

First I stopped Access Database Service 2010 and Access Services from the Application Service Server and then ran the Config Wizard again. It did not make a difference.

Then I stopped all services except "SharePoint Server Search" on the Application Service Server and ran the Config Wizard. It completed without error only then.

The following are the list of services I stopped on the Application Service Server.
  • Access Database Service 2010
  • Access Services
  • App Management Service
  • Business Data Connectivity Service
  • Central Administration
  • Claims to Windows Token Service
  • Distributed Cache
  • Document Conversions Launcher Service
  • Document Conversions Load Balancer Service
  • Excel Cacluation Services
  • Lotus Notes Connector (was never turned on)
  • Machine Translation Service (was never turned on)
  • Managed Metadata Web Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Incoming E-Mail
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service
  • PerformancePoint Service
  • PowerPoint Conversion Service
  • Search Host Controller Service
  • Search Query and Site Settings Service
  • Secure Store Service
  • User Profile Service
  • User Profile Synchronization Service
  • Visio Graphics Service
  • Word Automation Services
  • Work Management Service

Also, the lesson I learned was that in SharePoint 2013, it would be best to turn on only the absolutely necessary services or service applications and turn off the ones if they are not absolutely necessary for the sake of the best predictable results in patch installation. 

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