Sunday, November 23, 2014

Smooth Scroll in Visual Studio on VM Windows in Parallels Desktop

When using Visual Studio in Windows running on Parallels Desktop on Mac, I used to have a jumpy scroll issue on the Source Code or the Solution Explorer window. Whether I used the built-in MacBook Pro's TrackPad or an external mouse's scroll wheel, I was not able to fine-control the number of lines to scroll up or down while using the Visual Studio. The only way to scroll a few lines at a time was by using the scroll bar on the right, but this can be very counter-intruitive, since we are so used to the scrolling via the scroll wheel.

The easy workaround to this nuisance is rather simple. Go into the VM settings in the Parallels Desktop VM, select Hardware --> Mouse & Keyboard, and then un-check "Enable smooth scrolling".

Un-check "Enable smooth scrolling" to Enable smooth scrolling.

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