Thursday, September 4, 2014

Remove containment from draggable jQuery UI Dialog

By default,  a draggable jQuery UI Dialog has containtment such that when you drag the dialog, you will be restricted by the browser's window. While comparing this default behavior against SharePoint's modal detail/edit dialog, SharePoint's dialog feels more user friendly and natural, because it lets users drag the dialog beyond the browser window. It simply feels natural to be able to move around the modal dialog outside browser window so that you can view the underlying main page's data as much as possible.

To remove containment from a draggable jQuery UI Dialog, try the following.
The trick is to use draggable's containtment property via widget of the dialog.

// Button that opens the dialog and a div to be used as the dialog
<input type="button" id="btnOpenDialog" value="Open Dialog" />
<div id="dialog"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var myDialog = null; // global variable
    $('#btnOpenDialog').on('click', function(){

      // Step 1.
      // Get the dialog ready.
      myDialog = $('#dialog').dialog({
        autoOpen: false, modal: true, resizable: true, width: 400, 
        buttons: {
          OK: function(){ // perform some actions ...},
          Cancel: function(){ $(this).dialog('close'); } // close the dialog 
      // Step 2.
      // `myDialog` is a global variable and has a reference to the dialog.
      // Use `myDialog` to remove containment from the dialog.
      myDialog.dialog("widget").draggable({ containment: false });

      // Step 3.
      // Show the dialog


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