Friday, June 26, 2009

My favorite Starbucks Store

This Starbucks store is on the northwest corner of Ball and Brookhurst in Anaheim. It is still my favorite among so many other Starbucks in Orange County.

Inside is neither fancy nor spic-and-spec clean. Most furnitures are old. The parking lot area is rather torn down due to heavy traffic and lack of maintenance. The air ventilation unit above the south-side door makes pretty loud noise every time someone opens the door to enter the store. Floor tiles are worn out noticeably, too.

However, I feel very comfortable and relaxed once I sit down at a table facing the south side with a cup of coffee. There's definitely this comfort-quality at this store being a less-than-perfect coffeehouse.

I call this store, "The Commoner's Starbucks". It just feels so comfortable to be there -- reading, relaxing, enjoying some drinks, etc.

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